The Saratoga Lake Protection and Improvement District (SLPID)
SLPID Holds Annual Event To Learn About Aquatic Invasive Species
October 11, 2017
SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. >> For the third straight year, the Saratoga Lake Protection and Improvement District offered a “floating classroom” in collaboration with the Adirondack Watershed Institute during the state’s annual Aquatic Invasive Species Awareness Week.
Floating Classroom on Saratoga Lake SLPID 


“This is really exciting for me because basically it’s for a lot of kids and a lot of people to learn about the invasive species, and some of the challenges to Saratoga Lake,” said Peter Martin, a Saratoga County supervisor. “It’s a great lake with a lot of recreational opportunities but we have to make sure that we’re protecting those opportunities and protecting the lake and nature that’s here. This is a first learning opportunity for a lot of these kids. It’s a great time.”

Cristina Connolly serves as chair of Saratoga Lake Protection and Improvement District (SLPID). About 30 participated in the annual program Tuesday.

“We’re trying to just do outreach with all the younger people who are our stewards of the earth and teaching them that every little decision that they make has an impact whether it’s good or bad,” said Connolly.

Paul Smith’s Adirondack Watershed Institute sends a boat and stewards to teach participants about aquatic invasive species.

“Awareness is the absolute No. 1 thing for the program. The stewardship part really works,” said steward Tiger Smith. “We do catch a lot of stuff coming into the lake, but we can’t be there all of the time, so teaching people about aquatic invasive species means we don’t have to do as much and that everybody is aware all the time everybody’s a steward, which is great.”

Smith’s station, called the Incredible Journey, described water molecules moving through the water cycle.

“What we are showing kids here is that it’s so much more complex than [what they know of the water cycle],” said Smith. “Snowpacks, glaciers, underground reservoirs the size of countries are all apart of the water cycle, including you and me and animals.”

SLPID and Paul Smith’s Adirondack Watershed Institute have partnered on a stewardship program in the past.

Saratoga Lake has four stewards who check all incoming and outgoing boats for aquatic invasive species in the summer.

“Saratoga Lake is such a busy lake,” said Connolly. “’s important to stop the spread of the aquatic invasive species because they are so damaging.”

Karl Hardcastle, who represents Stillwater on SLPID, has seen Saratoga Lake at its worst years ago.

The organizations website,, shows how the lake has improved over the years.

“You can see the reports. We’ve had watershed studies. I mean there’s a lot of data on this lake,” said Hardcastle “...The clarity has gone up, and it’s good.”
2017 Herbicides Treatment
March 22, 2017



Date: March 6th, 2017 


Re: Proposed Lake Management Program – Saratoga Lake


The Saratoga Lake Protection and Improvement District has applied with the NYSDEC to use the aquatic herbicides Aquathol K (Endothall),  Navigate (2-4 D) and Clearcast (imazamox) in the spring or summer of 2017 to control Eurasian watermilfoil and Water Chestnuts in areas of the lake, thus improving water quality conditions as well as recreational and aesthetic values.  Early season treatments with this herbicide combination have demonstrated good selectivity for the targeted plants.  Non-target native plants are expected to remain to provide a habitat for fish and other aquatic life. The Program will be conducted under the supervision of NYSDEC certified personnel with the lake management firm SOLITUDE LAKE MANAGEMENT, NYSDEC Pesticide Business Registration No.16505.  A NYSDEC permit application has been submitted for approval for the application of the herbicides Aquathol K and Navigate.  It is anticipated that spot treatment applications of up to 150.3 acres will take place sometime between May 1st and May 30th, with a target date of May 17th. A NYSDEC permit application has been submitted for approval for the application of the herbicide Clearcast.  It is anticipated that spot treatment applications of up to 5.0 acres will take place sometime between July 15th and August 30th.   Notification of the actual date of the treatment will be submitted to the Town and NYSDEC 7 days prior to application and will be posted along the shoreline on the day of the application.  The roads along the lakeshore will be posted at the time of the treatment indicating applicable water use restrictions.  The water use restrictions will be in effect for the duration of the treatment PLUS the timeframes indicated in the table below. The timeframes start as soon as the treatment has ended.


Water use restrictions are as follows: 



Swimming/ Bathing


Animal Consumption

Drinking, culinary or food processing purposes


Aquathol K

During Treatmetn and 24 Hours after

During Treatment


            < 50 ppb *

During Treatment


24 Hours

24 Hours

24 Hours

< 50 ppb *

21 days or an assay indicating concentrations <100 ppb **





< 50 ppb *

< 50 ppb for established Plants or ***



§  Potable uses will be restricted for at least ten days after the application, and will not be lifted until lab results indicate the concentration is less than 50 ppb at the water intake.  For those residents who rely on lake water for drinking water and who need to be in residence during the water use restriction period (anticipated to be 1 -2 weeks), it is necessary to notify David Wallingford at


§  If treated water is intended to be used to irrigate or mix sprays for plants grown in commercial nurseries and greenhouses; and other plants or crops that are not labeled for direct treatment with 2,4-D, the water must not be used unless one of the following restrictions has been observed: i. A setback distance from functional water intake(s) of greater than or equal to 600 feet was used for the application, or, ii. A waiting period of 21 days from the time of application has elapsed, or, iii. An approved assay indicates that the 2,4-D concentration is 100 ppb (0.1 ppm) or less at the water intake.


§  Do not use Clearcast treated water to irrigate until concentration is less than 1 ppb: annual nursery or greenhouse crops including hydroponics and newly seeded or transplanted annual crops, newly seeded or transplanted ornamentals and newly seeded or seeded turf and less than 50 ppb for all other plants. Water will be sampled at 2 weeks after treatment to determine the concentration of Clearcast.


The product label is available for review on Solitude Lake Management’s In the event that you as a riparian owner or vested riparian user have any questions or objections to the proposed aquatic plant management program or water use restrictions, please contact the following agency within 21 days of receipt of this notice.  Your objection must be in writing and demonstrate that your use of water will be significantly adversely affected (per the NYSDEC’s policy).  Lack of comment will be considered consent to the treatment and water use restrictions.


Brian Primeau

Bureau of Pest Management

NYSDEC, Region 5

232 Golf Course Road

Warrensburg, NY  12885-0220



If you wish further information about the proposed management program or need hard copies of the product label, please contact David Wallingford at or SOLitude Lake Management at 888-480-5253 between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm, Mon - Fri.

Fireworks Sunday July 3, 2016
May 20, 2016
To All Lake Residents:
On behalf of the Saratoga Lake Protection and Improvement District (SLPID) commissioners, I cordially invite you to watch the Annual Fireworks Display on Sunday, July 3rd, 2016  The show will be displayed at two locations.
The annual fireworks display is an event sponsored by the Saratoga Lake Protection and Improvement District (SLPID)
The annual fireworks display is a line item budget in the SLPID Annual Budget.  With increased costs, this may be the last year SLPID is able to fund the event.  Your input and vote on this line item will be presented at the Annual SLA/SLPID meeting.  The meeting is currently planned for mid July.  Continue to check the website for confirmation date. Plan on attending the annual  at Panza's Restaurant (located south end of Saratoga Lake)
The SLPID district commissioners wish you all a happy and safe 4th of July celebration! 
David Wallingford
SLPID Commissioner, County At Large
SLPID Chair, 2016
Boat wash station planned for Saratoga Lake
March 29, 2015
SARATOGA SPRINGS >> Plans are in the works for a Saratoga Lake boat washing station similar to those on Lake George.
Milfoil, pondweed among invasive species on the decline at Saratoga Lake
July 12, 2013

SARATOGA SPRINGS >> Commissioner of SLPID Joe Finn speaks about the invasive species on Saratoga Lake at his property.

Sports: Invasive species on decline at Saratoga Lake; anglers, other recreational sports enthusiasts optimistic
August 26, 2012
SARATOGA SPRINGS >> The populations of invasive lake plants such as curly pondweed and Eurasian water milfoil are declining in Saratoga Lake thanks to a long-term management plan that includes regularly treating and weeding the lake.
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