Weed Harvestor Operator

Scope of Function:

The weed harvesting program on Saratoga Lake will seek to improve navigation, remove weeds and improve aesthetic appearance.

Minimum Requirements of Employer:

Education: No minimum.
Age: 18 years or older
Professional licenses/Certifications: None needed
Vehicle: Reliable Transportation to and from work.
Drivers License: Valid Class D – regular.
Experience/Qualifications: Ability to follow directions and work independently. Some light mechanical abilities
Ability to lift at least 50 lbs

Duties and responsibilities of the job:

This person will report to the Harvesting Supervisor and will be responsible for helping with the harvesting of weeds in our harvesting program. He/She will perform light routine maintenance as needed. May be cross trained to operate the tractor/trailer hauling weeds.

Work to be performed:

  1. Assume, under the direction of the Weed Harvesting Supervisor, the responsibility of the operation of the weed harvester on a daily basis or as scheduled.
  2. Cut weeds in an area designated by the Weed Harvesting Supervisor. If adverse weather conditions do not permit cutting in that area, the operator can assume responsibility to change to a safer area.
  3. Before starting the harvester an employee is expected to perform the following duties:

A: Grease all grease points as noted on harvester. Cutter bar (which runs under water) is to be greased hourly
B: Check diesel fuel supply and make sure all containers are full, always keeping a spare can on board the harvester
C: Check fluid levels including the hydraulic system and engine oil

  1. Removal of weeds from paddle wheels to prevent overheating.
  2. Perform minor maintenance to continue operation.
  3. If anything is damaged or broken on the equipment, it is to be reported to the Weed Harvesting Supervisor immediately.
  4. Make sure harvester is securely tied down when docked and keys are removed from harvester and left in storage shed.
  5. Removal of the harvester to and from winter storage.
  6. Moving of harvesters for cutting on all areas of the lake.

Work rules:

  1. All employees are expected to abide by the safety rules of the district at all times.
  2. Employees are expected to remain visibly occupied during the work day and shall attend to maintenance and cleaning tasks when not actually operating the harvester.
  3. Employees are representatives of the Saratoga Lake Protection and Improvement District during work hours and are expected to be polite and respectful when talking or dealing with the general public.
  4. Employees shall not accept any money from Lake residents or the general public.
  5. All employees will adhere to work schedule.
  6. There shall be no diving or swimming off the equipment.
  7. No employee shall operate motor vehicles on public highways unless he/she is 18 or older.
  8. In the event an employee cannot make it to work, he/she must call the Weed Harvesting Supervisor at least an hour before scheduled work time.
  9. Weather conditions could be cause for adjustments to work schedules.
  10. All employees are required to fill out a daily log sheet.
  11. All employees are charged with the responsibility of making sure the equipment is properly secured, the storage shed is locked, and no debris is left outside on the ground at the storage shed area or the off-loading site.
  12. All employees will be responsible for the reasonable care of equipment and tools.

Lake Administrator for Saratoga Lake Protection Improvement District

Responsible To: Saratoga Lake Protection Improvement District (SLPID) Commissioners

Job Concept: Responsible for direction and management of SLPID’s programs, projects and activities to best achieve their mission, goals and objectives. Provide liaison between Commissioners and staff to accomplish authorized programs, projects and activities.

Hours: This is a part time position averaging 1,000 hours/year.

Description of Duties:
1. Supervises, directs and assumes responsibility for the efficient administration of all functions and activities for which the Lake Administrator is given authority by the Saratoga Lake Protection Improvement District (SLPID) Commissioners.
2. Acts as primary liaison, on behalf of the commissioners, with the lake manager, harvester crew, lake stewards and legal counsel.
3. Work with the lake manager and other agencies on the permitting and oversight of aquatic herbicide treatments and other aquatic weed programs.
4. Establish working relationships with various governmental and environmental entities, property owners, the press and lake law enforcement agencies.
5. Manage, train, supervise and evaluate all personnel including the lake stewards and the weed harvester staff.
6. Develop and oversee educational outreach programs for staff, property owners and students.
7. Act as spokesperson for SLPID and answer communications through phone calls, emails and social media as necessary.
8. Attend and participate in meetings, conferences, seminars, webinars, and training to promote and collaborate in the enhancement and protection of
Saratoga Lake, its watershed, aquatic species management and lake water quality.
9. Work with NYS Parks and local law enforcement agencies regarding the NYS boat launch use and maintenance, educational outreach to boaters and law
enforcement on the lake.
10. Communicate with the dam operator to maintain the lake at safe levels throughout the year.
11. Develop and expand upon the responsibilities allocated to SLPID in the enabling legislation.
12. Represent SLPID in a professional manner at all times. Lake Administrator for Saratoga Lake Protection Improvement District
13. Advise the commissioners on issues and measures requiring action by them.
14. Attend all regular and special meetings of the commissioners. Provide informational support at all of its proceedings.
15. Ensure that full and complete records of the financial and administrative activities of SLPID are maintained.
16. Oversee the preparation of the annual operating budget.
17. Ensure all work is performed in accordance with local, state and federal laws and that all personnel and volunteers complete mandated training.
18. Order supplies and oversee expenses related to the steward program and the harvesting operations.

Required Knowledge, Skills, Abilities:
1. Interest and understanding of environmental issues pertaining to lake management, planning, management and protection of Saratoga Lake.
2. Ability to manage staff and volunteers.
3. Ability to initiate and answer correspondence.
4. Ability to speak in public.
5. Ability to interact with elected officials and government staff.
6. Ability to write.

Education, Training, Experience:
1. College or comparable knowledge and experience in fields of resource management, environmental planning or government.
2. Experience in management.
3. Experience working with volunteers.

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